Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Mmmm Science!

Science and animals are some of the most interesting things I like to learn about. I would never want to work with either of em though because I can't be fucking arsed to do researched but I like hard facts.

In the past couple of weeks I've learned quite a lot about space and time and abstract stuff.

Just today I learned about time. It's really a very abstract thing to say the least. Time is a lot more then just the time on your watch or your digital clock.

Time is relative. It's relative to big ass objects in space. The time (as it were) runs at a constant speed here on earth because YOU as an individual who preserves time is standing on earth which is a BAOIS (Big Ass Object In Space). If you would take a trip out in space where you are nowhere near anything with mass time for you would SPEED UP. Time for you would go faster then us people on earth and thus you would grow older faster etc.

Admittedly they did not say how faster it would be, but I can imagine it being very very very tiny, like... you would not notice a difference, BUT there IS a difference and that's fucking A.

So they closer you get to something with larger mass, the more time slows down. They tested this theory out. They shot a radio beam on to the surface of Mercury, and waited for a signal to come back. Since Mercury was at a certain distance away they figured out it would take X amount of time for it to get back to earth. They shot a beam just as it was passing behind the sun. The radio beams wizzed past the sun, bounced of Mercury and came back, but it had taken LONGER then it should have because as the radio beams traveled past the sun which indeed is a BAOIS the time for the radio beam slowed down and IT slowed down. And that is fucking interesting, and that's not even the top and bottom of it, I just scraped the tip of the ice berg.

If you wanna see the BBC documentary you can find it here (it's a torrent).

Science, YOU ROCK.

More long ass boring facts like this that interests me later ^_^