Monday, August 29, 2011

First World Problems

Ok, back to acting. After an ugly run in with romance around April time, during my first french class (studying french now b the way, fantastic) had a bit of a mental set-back I must admit, but now it's time to drag myself back out from the rut via my collar and do something again. 

Thinking of getting a motorcycle by the way. It hit me as an epiphany, why do people ride around in cars so much unless you have a specific task to haul bunch of people / family or going to carry bunch of items or goods, motorcycle seem brilliant. The freedom, the excitement, right up my alley. Perfect, so yea, going to look int that.

Acting acting... I went and saw Apocalypse Now ON THE CINEMA (wow) the other weekend, was actually blown away. Always thought it was a good movie, nothing spectacular, war drama isn't it. But in that movie theater, no distractions, no internet, no nothing, where my five year old mentality usually makes me flip through webpages within, I kid you not, 5-10 mintues, I was mesmerized by the movie. Before I knew it, sitting in that dark cinema, two hours had passed, and after another blink of an eye, the movie was over. 

Signed up for a page where producers and stuff can look for extras for all sorts of stuff, commercials and films, tv shows what have you, and I got a few calls pretty quickly, feels good man, but didn't accept any of them since I am the wrong man for commercials and stuff. I know what kind of people they are looking for, and I am not the actor they are seeking for.

Life is in a bit of a low right now, depression and procrastination taking it's toll, I'm coming back swinging though. Where can I enjoy acting? Not here... not england, where? Not a major problem though. Everyday is acting, and as it keeps going just by philosophizing about it, I am fully getting in grips with it, just be ordinary, nothing special.