Sunday, March 13, 2011

Wonderful Pictures In My Dream

I had this fantastic dream, that is not worth mentioning at all to anyone. It's more of a reminder to myself. I thought I would like to paint this photo I saw in my dream. I saw three that I remember actually. It was funny. It was about chinese people sort of "moving in" to a new piece of land, kind of like you move in to a new apartment. 

They were hauling massive amounts of Buddhist statues to this new land so I was photographing this procedure. 

One amazing picture I remember was sort of like a large pool. I was standing 20m above it maybe shooting downards at a slight angle (imagine you standing on a jumping platform looking down). 10 guys on each side, with ropes in their hands, was pulling up through the surface of this big pool a big Buddha statue, just as it was breaking through the surface so it was like the ears and stuff was still submerged while the eyes and nose was above (barely) water, and it looked like there were waves in the little swimming pools because around the surface of the statue that was above surface looked like waves on a beach. It looked simply remarkable. And this picture, and the rest was in sort of, sepia, brown-tone, picture rather then black and white. I was like "wow" when I saw these images in my dream only to wake up to a blank roof. Thanks for that.

Another picture was, if you would imagine a long cable-car type thing. High up in the air. I was in that, and infront of me, again, a half a statue of a Buddha. Sort of like chest and up, the rest was broken. Two big cables lowering this statue, with a very slight angle downwards (again, an angle you'd be in a cable-car in a skiing resort). The statue was facing towards me, with cables going right past me over my head (since I was in a cable-car behind or whatever). Beautiful mountain landscape behind with amazing clouds with sun barely coming through. Just beautiful.

Why these images in the dream? Why do things happen as they do in dreams? Very interesting. Just wish I had these gorgeous pictures for real though.