Friday, October 1, 2010

Italia Uno

Ok Italia Uno, my favorite place while I was in London. The best thing is that it was like 50 meters from where I live, I just exited the place I was staying at, took a right then was there in 30 seconds. I don't know exactly but it must've been like 95 Charlotte Street or something because I was staying at 99 Charlotte Street. I love this place because it was really authentic italian. The people working there barely spoke a lick of Enlglish, except for the owner Felice (not sure how you spell that name). Felice was so cool man, I used to go there pretty often with a script in hand thinking and memorizing stuff, it felt so calm and the right place to be when doing such stuff. 

I used to sit by the window looking at people walking by and it was twice the enjoyment when it was POURING outside and I sat there with script on my right, cup of coffee on my left and I thought "this is the way to live it"... life that is.

I kick myself for always forgetting my camera at home EVERYDAY, jesus... but the best memories are in my head anyways so.

Often I sat there and had a nice friendly chat with Felice and sometimes with the old boys sitting outside. One of them even gave me a cigar once, it was like they invited me to their family. I would love to go there again as soon as possible to have another italian sandwich and talk to Felice and have a cigar with the old fellas with a new script in my hand snapping pictures and watching football later...

...maybe one day in the future.

So, if you go to London, go to Italia Uno and say 'Hi' to Felice, he works like 6-7 days a week (closed on Sunday when there is football)