Friday, April 2, 2010

Out Of Here

Yea, it's all clear in my head now. I got to move to London or whatever, get out of here. Time to get the ball rolling. If I stay here much longer I am going to either kill myself or everyone around me. I am about to blow, and once I leave, I am never going to come back if I have even the SLIGHTEST possibility of staying. If I head the fucking vacuum cleaner again, I'm going to draw a knife across my wrists (I can hear it downstairs as we speak).

I find some solace fucking off to cinemataket who treat me with amazing films, saw A Clockwork Orange the other day (in a cinema, imagine that, and 2001: A Space Odyssey is coming up) , a story in itself that anecdote. And also going to library and reading reading and reading. After about two hours my brain is a bit knackered, take a pause, go back. Writing this I thought of more blog posts to do, i'll do it a bit later, spread 'em out a little bit. 

So there, people can look back on spring 2010 and go "Yep, he was frustrated beyond belief"