Wednesday, March 3, 2010

The Issue With Working Out

A year ago today I stopped my five year practice of going to the gym five times a week (Monday to Friday). I kept this up for more or less five years with a week break here and there (mostly to let the body rest) and perhaps a month vacation once or twice. 

I started at a nice weight of 120 pounds at 5'10" or 5'11" whatever I am, and stopped at 175ish pounds, not bad I'd say. 

I stopped working out for two reasons, the first being I got a lot more involved with acting (mentally, which is what counts) and I quickly figured out that you can't be ripped and be a proper actor, it just doesn't work. Imagine playing RIchard III or whatever with bulging muscles, come on. And I got a bit tired of working out. I had reached m goal (and then some) and it felt like that this challenge was done and dusted, on to the next big challenge, which is now acting, i.e I have to be very very good and successful then I can dump it and move a long too. Maybe start a charity next or do some philanthropic adventures. 

Having said all this though, I might start working out a bit again, it's quite enjoyable and i have nothing fun to do between now and RADA and I want to keep myself busy. I still absolutely love reading my books and I do it quite a lot but you can't sit and read for hours on end, it's mostly a thing I do in the late hours when my room is full of lit candles etc. I love candle light by the way, totally dumped electric lights these last few days and just used candle lights, it really sets to mood for a nice film or book I tell ya. I really should get to buying a pipe or a few cigars soon again.

The other night after watching Runaway Train I was emotional the whole night until I finally slept. I still can't listen to the end tune that you hear in the film that I linked to in a earlier post, it just brings backs the memories of the situation, the film and all that. THAT what films/acting is about isn't it? When it touches someone like that. Not going to lie though, acting isn't end-all be-all of my life, by no means at all. It's mostly a JOB that I love to do. Don't get me wrong I love the art of acting and I (sometimes) can't get enough of it but at the end of the day there are a million other things I want to spend my time doing too. I would literally give up my life to walk on the moon or mars.

This post is quickly spinning out of hand, a lot happening in this little brain. My point was when I started writing was that I used to work out, I quit, might start again, 2-3 times a week to keep busy, that is all. Jesus christ...